Meltie! cleanser and makeup removal


Perfect cleansing effect in 1 minute.
Remove your make-up while taking a shower.

Illicia Varnadore
Meltie! takes off my waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, Its a smooth process, very quick and easy. Meltie! makes my face very soft, not tight, It doesn't feel dry at all. Feels very clean after use!
Kathy Norman
Meltie! removes your makeup, acts as a cleanser, and it also acts as a moisturiser. It really shortens my time getting ready at night. I can use 1 product to accomplish 3 things.
Rebecca Molina
Meltie! did an exceptional job. because I have such sensitive skin, I always have to worry about residues left behind. Now I dont have to worry about breaking out the next day. I feel Meltie! is best for me, its is best for the environment as it is all natural.
Valorie Mackenna
I think Meltie! works faster than other makeup removers i had in the past, and its very thorough. It even takes off my eye make up. Meltie! leaves my face feeling soft and smooth