Meltie! cleanser and makeup removal



Meltie story


Meltie™ Original Ice-Cream Melting Cleanser is a light, creamy and exceptionally smooth cleansing formula that cleanses your face & removes eye/face make-up all at one go. It is a deep make-up remover plus everyday facial cleanser that does not contain any alcohol, petrol chemicals, scrubs or other artificial ingredients. Unlike mainstream cleansers or makeup removers, Meltie is fully organic and made up of 100% all-natural ingredients.


Meltie is capable of removing heavy make-up without a trace & deep cleansing: within 1 minute. While mainstream cleansers can remove only visible makeup, Meltie performs deep cleansing and unclogs blocked pores clogged with make-up.


Meltie™ Original Ice-Cream Melting Cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients blended in our original recipe. Meltie effectively melts away make-up from your face and eyes. Completely remove Mascara, Eyeliner, B.B Cream, Sun Block & all other troublesome waterproof cosmetics without damaging alcohols or irritating oils.


Give your skin a daily delectable treat that melts away thick make-up, dirt & any facial impurities, only with Meltie’s 1 minute cleansing solution!



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