Meltie! cleanser and makeup removal


Q.) Why is Meltie different from other makeup removers?

Unlike mainstream makeup removers, Meltie is fully organic and formulated from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain damaging alcohol that aggravates your skin or irritating oils that clog your pores. In addition, it does not contain any artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, artificial colorings or artificial fragrance. How can you be sure? Easy. Meltie is FDA-certified.





Q.) Why do we call it the Meltie 1 minute cleansing solution?

Using other conventional products, makeup removal & skin cleansing are boring, time-consuming tasks. However, Meltie has exceptionally effective cleansing and makeup removing properties. It is capable of removing heavy make-up without a trace & carrying out deep cleansing at the same time – all well within 1 minute.





Q.) How much should I use each time when I cleanse my face or remove makeup?

In general, a tiny portion of Meltie will be sufficient (0.5g for cleansing only and about 1g for removing makeup). Unlike other mainstream cleansers that contain 60 to 80% water, our original Meltie ingredients formula contains only 23% water. Just apply a tiny portion on your palm with a little water. This will lather into an ultra-smooth foam which delivers a refreshing deep cleansing experience.





Q.) How long can a jar of Meltie last?

Use only a tiny portion each time when removing makeup or cleansing (0.5g for cleansing only and about 1g for removing makeup). On average, a single jar will last approximately 3 to 5 months depending on your usage pattern.





Q.) Can Meltie be used to remove even waterproof cosmetics?

Yes, Meltie effectively melts away all kinds of cosmetics. Even waterproof ones - Mascara, Eyeliner, B.B Cream, Sun Block,etc. Meltie melts away thick makeup with ease and deep cleanses your face all within 1 Minute – Guaranteed! 





Q.) Is Meltie a makeup remover or a cleanser?

Both actually! Meltie is capable of removing heavy make-up without a trace & deep cleansing – all in 1 step and within 1 minute. Unlike other products that remove only visible makeup, Meltie performs deep cleansing and unclogs blocked pores clogged with make-up particles. In a nutshell, Meltie is a deep make-up remover plus facial cleanser that does not contain any alcohol, petrol chemicals, scrubs or other artificial ingredients.





Q.) Can I use Meltie as a daily cleanser – without makeup?

Yes, definitely! Our 100% organic recipe is specially formulated to melt away makeup, dirt and any other facial impurities.  In fact, Meltie’s refreshing cleansing properties will make your skin feel exceptionally smooth and soft after use. Moreover, our 100% natural ingredients will not irritate your skin or leave it feeling dry and damaged. Say goodbye to dehydrating alcohol-based and irritating oil-based cleansers forever!





Q.) Do I need a separate remover for eye makeup?

No, Meltie is specially formulated to remove all types of cosmetics. This includes even waterproof mascara and heavily pigmented lip colors. While exceptionally effective in what it does, it is also gentle, so there is no need to use a separate makeup remover for your eyes or mouth. Meltie delivers a one-stop cleansing solution.





Q.) Who can use Meltie?

Everyone and anyone! Meltie is universally suitable for all ages and skin types! While it is highly effective in its cleansing properties, Meltie is exceptionally gentle on the skin and contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals commonly found in most other similar products.





Q.) I have sensitive skin, can I use Meltie as a cleanser or remove makeup?

Yes, Meltie is clinically proven to be non-allergenic. Our 100% organic formula causes no skin irritation or adverse reactions whatsoever. It is also certified by the United States Food & Drugs Administration (FDA). The product has been clinically tested on actual human sample groups and proven to be suitable for all skin types and all ages.





Q.) Is Meltie tested on animals?

No, we are against animal testing. We test our products on the human skin using a 48 hours patch test.